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Eventually, even the highest-quality water heaters fail.  The equipment is under constant pressure, and over time your water heater starts to lose its original efficiency for a number of reasons, which can result in higher utility bills, inconsistent water temperature, or even being cut off from hot water altogether.  Fear not, though, because Complete Care Heating has helped homeowners for years with their water heater repair and replacement needs.  We’ll get your water heating system up and running right away so that you can get back to your life.

Signs of Water Heater Failure

Some symptoms of impending water heating failure can include:

  • Corrosion or rust
  • Not enough hot water
  • Dirty or foul-smelling water

If you’ve experienced any or all of these signs, chances are good that you’re going to need a new water heater, or at the very least a replacement part.

That’s why the team at Complete Care Plumbing is highly skilled with all water heater makes and models, so you can be sure that we can handle your problem. It doesn’t matter if you have a gas, solar, tankless, or electric water heater—we can get everything fixed right.

Water Heater Service Features

At Complete Care Plumbing, we understand that your time and money are valuable. We always place our customers first, which is why we promise to do the job right the first time, every time.

When a our drain -cleaning experts show up, you can expect them to:

  1. Diagnose the issue
  2. Determine whether to repair or replace
  3. Provide a job-based quote
  4. Clean up the job site

Water Heater Benefits

A problem with your water heater can ruin your entire day and cost you significant amounts of money in wasted energy and wasted water. That’s why we at Complete Care Plumbing not only guide you through the process of selecting a new water heater for your home’s specific needs, but we’ll also install it right there on the spot.

Once we’re done with the process, we promise to:

  • Bring the new water heater to you
  • Install the new heater
  • Haul the old unit away
  • Get your water heating back to normal

Tankless Water Heating

Conventional water heaters work for some homes, but sometimes having a 40 gallon storage tank heat water to a pre-set temperature 24/7 isn’t the most efficient solution – with tankless water heating, your home can have hot water on demand, and you will never have to take a cold shower again! Rather than keep water in a storage tank, tankless water heaters heat water in a series of coils. This provides a whole host of important advantages, including:

  • Better Efficiency
  • Endless Hot Water On Demand
  • Money Savings
  • Unit Takes Up Less Space
  • Longer Lifespan (15-20 Years)

Are you considering an upgrade to tankless water heating?

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